Should I Expand My Retail Business to Asia? Key Considerations

Aug 29, 2023

Expanding a retail business is a significant decision that demands careful consideration and analysis of various factors. As markets become increasingly globalized, many businesses are exploring opportunities beyond their domestic borders. One region that holds immense promise is Asia, which was in the media spotlight often during COVID.

Why Should Companies Expand to Asia?

With a population of over 4.6 billion, the region boasts a vast consumer market hungry for diverse Western products. Moreover, several Asian economies have shown remarkable resilience, even during global economic downturns. By tapping into this market, businesses can not only increase revenue but also reduce dependency on a single market.

Which Country is Best for Business in Asia?

Countries like China and India offer massive consumer bases, but their complex regulatory environments and cultural differences can pose challenges. On the other hand, countries like Singapore and South Korea are known for their business-friendly policies and well-developed infrastructure. It is key to understand which market is best for your brand and products. This is done via thorough market research and analysis of competitors and consumer behaviour.

Why Should Businesses Expand Internationally?

COVID and recent political issues have shown the need for businesses to diversify their revenue streams, achieve economies of scale, and reduce vulnerability to domestic market fluctuations. Moreover, international expansion is key to enhancing a company's brand reputation, making it a global player.

How Can Texere Assists Business in Expanding in Asia?

  • Market Know-How: Thanks to our local team and extensive market experience, we possess an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, cultural intricacies, and consumer preferences throughout the APAC region.
  • Established Network: Throughout the years, we have established a reliable and respected network of distributors and partners across the area, expediting your market entry strategy.
  • Localization and Execution: We aid you in crafting a tailored expansion strategy and subsequently carry out its implementation. Our team effectively becomes your regional representative, providing updates on progress and ensuring the accurate implementation of your brand values and guidelines.
  • Marketing Excellence: We undertake the creation and execution of a customized marketing strategy that resonates seamlessly with your intended audience.

In conclusion, expanding your retail business to Asia can offer remarkable growth opportunities, but it requires thorough planning, research, and adaptation.

The region's diversity and potential can help your business thrive, but success hinges on a strategic approach that considers market specifics, consumer behaviour, and cultural sensitivity.


As with any major decision, seeking expert advice and forming partnerships can enhance your chances of a successful market entry and sustainable growth. Get in touch today for a  free consultation at

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