The Evolution Of Chinese Consumers

Jul 04, 2023

The retail landscape in China has undergone significant changes in the post-COVID era, and so have the preferences and behaviors of its consumers.

One notable development is the rise of a sophisticated social media ecosystem that heavily promotes live-streaming on various e-commerce platforms.

The level of service provided by these e-commerce platforms has reached exceptional standards of efficiency and speed. Products

are swiftly delivered to customers' residences, workplaces, hotels, and even trains, often on the same day. Furthermore, strategically placed pickup cabinets throughout the city offer hassle-free collection options for added convenience.



China is witnessing a significant evolution in the dressing style of young consumers, now mirroring the fashion trends prevalent in Japan and Korea.

Little Red Book has evolved dramatically. Originally renowned for promoting cosmetics, now is the foremost peer-to-peer multimedia platform encompassing various categories like fashion, travel, education, and parenting.

Consumers now prefer shorter videos to reading and mostly make purchases during live-streaming sessions that offer real-time interaction and the opportunity to engage with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

Chinese consumers have a preference for international products infused with a touch of Chinese influence, including collaborations with local brands and limited editions.

Mobile apps are becoming the preferred mode of payment for everything.

The outdoor lifestyle is growing in popularity.

Our Regional Activities


China- Earlier this year, we began a journey by securing an exclusive distributorship for Pdipigna in China, and we are now witnessing positive outcomes. The brand recently participated in a renowned stationery fair in Shanghai, aimed at top retailers and distributors from all over the country. During the event, we proudly presented Pdipigna's product range at a dedicated branded location, establishing valuable connections with potential partners and influential figures in the industry.


Korea- We are proud to announce that we have appointed an exclusive distributor for Cappellini in Korea. Additionally, after our meetings and brand presentations at Salone, Cappellini has been prominently featured in an exclusive magazine spread in Casa Living Korea.

These initiatives should greatly bolster Cappellini's brand recognition and expedite business development endeavours throughout Korea.


China- Following our presentation of the brand at Salone to potential Chinese distributors, we visited their showrooms in China. After discussing the brand's growth strategy in China, we have appointed two distributors who are deeply committed to elevating the brand across the fast-growing market.


China- Our team has successfully coordinated LaCividina's very first event in China at the prestigious PAD11 showroom in Shanghai.

The exhibition will be live till the end of June and beautifully narrates the history of LaCividina while showcasing its products. The event is aimed at architects, designers, media, and distributors and serves as a fantastic opportunity to further celebrate the brand's development in China.

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