This Year’s Informative Session on the Asian Markets

Texere presents: The 4 Dimensions Report
Oct 06, 2020

Texere has been helping foreign retail brands in understanding and approaching the dynamics and peculiarities of the Asian retail scene since 2013. Thanks to the hands-on experience of the team and the extensive network of partners acquired through the years, Texere has successfully nurtured Italian brands in their journey to Asia.

The Asia-Pacific region has become the economic growth engine of the world, presenting many opportunities for foreign businesses. At Texere we recognize that the quality and tradition of "Made in Italy" represent great potential. However, understanding the intricacies of the Asian market can be challenging. Hence, this year, we decided to share our know-how by examining 4 key dimensions: brand, product, consumer, and market.

4 Dimensions Report Key Findings

For two years in a row, Texere Advisors organized the Retail in Asia Conference, sharing practical know-how and operational best practices.
Due to current traveling restrictions, we decided to organize a free of charge online informative session instead. This can be conducted online or in-person for those interested in furthering their understanding of the 4 dimensions.
The session will explore the 4 strategic dimensions necessary to successfully champion the Asian retail market and is intended to provide practical examples and tips that are essential to small-medium businesses.

Fort those interested in receiving the reports and eventually book the online session, kindly get in touch with us by reaching out to

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