Texere 2022 Outlook From Industry Leaders - The Brands Perspective

Feb 08, 2022

"I think that customers are looking for more and more hybrid and fluid shopping experiences, because lifestyle habits have changed rapidly in this last two years. We should see less distinction between physical retail and e-commerce, leveraging on social shopping on different platforms, connected with retail, to pick up products for example or to experience digital live presentations from the store. Quality and sustainability are at the core of a more conscious shopping attitude. This consumer sensibility is something that has a relevant impact both for brands and retailers. The challenge is being focused on a better representation in the products that are sold and technology can support retailers, for example with AI to showcase info and context of the products."


"The luggage sector is strictly related to tourism and obviously to travelling, be it long or short term. After almost two years of pandemic, the tourism sector is slowly recovering and reorganising. Once over, we must be ready to face the increase in travel, both for business, tired of the cold and anonymous video conferences, and for leisure. Let's not forget that travelling has always been considered the best remedy for the stress of our fast-paced lifestyles. In a research carried out on 600 products, 'luggage' turned out to be the most penalised item by the pandemic. However, history tells us that in the post-crisis years, it will be one of the items with the highest growth rate. As an example, after the September 11 crisis and the two Gulf Wars, the luggage industry saw record sales peaks. According to the International Air Transport Association, the number of air passengers went from 4.54 billion in 2019 to 1.81 billion in 2020. In 2021 the number rose to 2.28 billion thanks to vaccines and this year is finally expected to go up to 3.43 billion. So, let's think positive and once this difficult period is over, we will serenely travel again and appreciate more and more what we took for granted until 2019!"


"Although the first quarter of 2022 will be affected by the latest wave of Covid and related travel restrictions, I expect luxury/fashion retail to experience substantial growth worldwide in the second quarter. International travel and traditional shopping should improve in spring and the return of business meetings and social events will push the need for ceremony clothing, formal wear, accessories and gifting items. I expect the growth to start during the second quarter, but it will see its apex from July onwards. To maintain positive sales trends, any wise retailer should provide new experiences, top class service and integrate as much as possible the online with the brick and mortar. Value for money will also play an important role!"


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