Frette: The Album 01 Asia Launch

Oct 26, 2018

What's your #frettestyle?

In September, Frette premiered the new collection "The Album 01" in Asia with a number of events in partnership with local distributors.

Lane Crawford in Pacific Place Hong Kong offered a fully immersive day into the brand, recreating the "Style of Living" Frette performance, as well as offering one-to-one consultations with special guest, Romain Schott, from Frette. The dance showcased the versatile nature of the new collection, which can be be easily tailored to each customer by juxtaposing individual elements.

In Taiwan, Frette focused on the new collection's interesting relationship with colour. We organised a "Colour Healing" class in Bellavita Taipei with selected VIP clients from Frette and lifestyle club, Luxury Watcher. According to their final art piece and favourite Frette colour palette moods, guests selected the best-matched collections.

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