Frette and W Atelier: a New Partnership Was Born

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Feb 04, 2020

Since the beginning in 2013, Texere Advisors has been helping brands to establish their retail presence strategically across APAC.
To do so, we have been working hard to build a solid network of distributors, architects, designers and media across the region. A strong network helps us to establish new brands quickly and effectively as well as successfully place products in such a competitive market. Through the years we have organised dozens of event openings, seminars, brand presentations and have done different co-branding activities. We choose activities based on the brand history, identity and corporate strategy to ensure the correct positioning in the market.

One of our oldest brands is Frette: an iconic luxury Italian brand that since 1860 brings quality and elegance to the bedrooms of the world through a range of exceptional Italian linens, unparalleled in their levels of comfort and craftsmanship. Last week we have closed a partnership with one of the best Singaporeans high-end showrooms named W Atelier.

Before and after

W Atelier was established in 1979 to give people in the Lion City the chance to approach Japanese furniture; since 2010 it has expanded its collection also to Italian, German, Scandinavian and Spanish brands, and now represents a remarkable distributor of luxury home furnishings and accessories in Singapore.

Last week, our team went to the showroom and performed a little “makeover” by dressing their beds. The activity is cost-effective and highly beneficial for both: the beds become more attractive as they are adorned with stunning collections, and the brand gets more visibility among the right target. A win-win!

Before and after

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