Creative Activities during Coronavirus

How we took advantage of the lockdown period
Jun 25, 2020

Texere during the Covid-19 lockdown

At Texere Advisors we help retail brands expand in strategic markets. Over the years we have built a strong network of partners and distributors across Asia, which enables us to expand new brands across several countries efficiently and in a short period of time.
Covid-19 has certainly changed the way people do business and we have learned the importance of flexibility and support with our partners as well as dealers.

Innovate with your partners

We used the lockdown period to put in place creative initiatives, strengthen our relationships and learn.
One activity we are very proud of is the one done together with LaCividina, a 100% Made in Italy design furniture brand. Together, we have organized a two days digital masterclass for their trusted dealers in China with the idea of connecting, sharing latest collections, sales tools as well as industry knowledge on sustainability and acoustics by inviting specialised guest speakers.

The two sessions turned out to be a great success. The dealers highly appreciated having the opportunity to learn and interact with the brand. Digital tools have been also used to reveal some of the novelties for the upcoming month, overcoming the travel ban.

Check out other activities we did with LaCividina in the past.

Additionally, our team has been working on developing digital channels such as WeChat and Tmall for our partners to further establish their presence in China. It is key for foreign brands to understand that it takes much more than simply translating their content in Chinese to start marketing their products. A solid digital strategy and experienced content creators are needed for successful market entry. Stay tuned for our next article on Marketing in Asia to find out more, and check out some of the WeChat articles we have created on LaCividina on their craftsmanship and sales tools.

If you are looking for an additional read on Asia, take a look at our article on the top Asian e-commerce platforms.

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