Development Of Pdipigna In China

Jul 21, 2023

By the end of 2022, we successfully established an exclusive distributor for Pdipigna in China. Over the past months, we have been supporting the distributor to actively expand the brand's presence by setting up various points of sales across China and implementing both online and offline promotional activities.


Current POS in China

To strengthen the brand's engagement with Chinese consumers, an official Little Red Book account was created, and live-streaming campaigns were launched, providing localised content that resonates with the target audience.



Moreover, we collaborated closely with the distributor to ensure a branded presence at the Shanghai stationary fair and coordinated the successful launch of the first pop-up store in partnership with casa casa. These efforts have further enhanced Pdipigna's visibility and appeal in the Chinese market.


Read here the full story about the casa casa pop-up.

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