2024 Outlook From Texere Managing Director Andrea Bonardi

Jan 25, 2024

2024 promises to be a very turbulent year. Wars in the Middle-East and in Europe, skirmishes in Asia, 30 elections in as many Countries, including the USA and the EU, all point to a difficult year from every point of view.

Yet, talking about Asia, we see bright spots, with Southeast Asia growing steadily, Southkorea still outpacing other big Asian economies, and Japan experiencing some healthy inflation after years of deflation. Only hina outlook remains a question mark, with concerns about the extent of the burst of the bubble that contributed a good part to its tumultuous growth over the past ten years.
Against this backdrop, at Texere Advisors we are proud of the results achieved in the very first weeks of the new year.

As a matter of fact, 2024 has started with a bang. We have finalised distribution agreements for Troika in China, Pigna in the Philippines, Sandro Ferrone in Dubai, while negotiations are underway in a number of markets for a few of our brands.
Needless to say, market conditions are tougher and negotiations take longer. But, if behind a good brand stands a good team, a reliable network, and a good reputation, then results do still come.
The last few years have consistently proved that, in difficult periods, personal relationships play a vital role in business, and that personal trust and reputation are key to reassure stakeholders and reduce the risks of damaging a business partnership.

Hence, the strategic importance of having a team on the ground to take care of the business and of the local stakeholders.

Even in an increasingly digitalised world, more than ever human interaction makes a difference.

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