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The team discusses their views and experiences in today’s retail world

Discovering the Chinese Internet World

How can Chinese platforms help your business
by Texere Team

Find success for your brand in China with Tmall

What is Tmall and why should your brand be on the platform
by Texere Team

Internationalisation of retail businesses: the importance of training

We created a special training manual for Frette APAC dealers
by Texere Team

Creative Activities during Coronavirus

How we took advantage of the lockdown period
by Texere Team

Top e-commerce platforms in Asia

Review of the most important platforms across the region
by Alexandra Iuchyk

Market Update April 2020

What is happening in the region

Business development during coronavirus

How to nurture your business relationships during coronavirus

SARS vs COVID-19: are the market changes going to be the same?

The impact on FMCG after SARS and COVID-19