Jessica Zhang

Brand Manager

Experienced in retail merchandising and e-commerce for luxury and fast moving fashion labels, Jessica is well equipped with full execution knowledge for the booming retail e-commerce business. From business strategies to sales review and marketing, she developed and grew brands in potential markets during a first work experience. At Texere Advisors, Jessica is responsible for managing the business strategies to increase the value and performance for the brands under her portfolio. She analyses how the brand is positioned with consumer insights and identifies potential opportunities to ensure a steady growth.

Describe your experience with Texere advisors?

No two days are the same here at Texere! You will be faced with new challenges every day, but the team and colleagues here motivates one another so the experience has been great.

Outside Texere advisors ?

I enjoy exercising, such a good hike or yoga classes which helps me to focus in my daily work, not to mention a good way to de-stress!

Country of choice in Asia ?

Other than Singapore, would probably be Taiwan Because the Taiwanese are sincere and courteous, while appreciating a good quality of life.

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