Alfredo Scialabba

Partner America

In the first years of his career, Alfredo has served as executive and management consultant for enterprises based in Switzerland, Italy and France.  While at Nestle, he oversaw marketing for several well-known national brands and implemented turnaround plans to realign distribution and pricing of under-performing product lines to core branding.

As management consultant he helped develop innovative compensation schemes aimed at maximizing sales force productivity and retail channel profitability for various clients.  Upon moving to the United States, Alfredo expanded his expertise to more sectors and built a global network while at the Simon School of Business of the University of Rochester in NY, where he earned an MBA with a specialization on the financial implications of competitive strategy.  Alfredo routinely advises institutional investors in the US and Europe on the most profitable trends and investment opportunities that arise in selected industries, as the latter go through structural consolidation or reorganize through M&A and corporate transformation.

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