Brand repositioning and retail expansion

Oct 20, 2016


The company, with a strong heritage and a strong retail presence in Europe and the US, had faced several challenges in Asia, where it was sold through irrelevant channels that had affected its brand positioning and sales potential. Besides this, few standard and sales-oriented marketing initiatives had not helped revive the brand and its sales fortune.



  • Q1 2015

    Business plan for ASEAN + Japan
    Assessment of existing retail distributers in China

  • Q2 - Q4 2015

    Contract negotiation
    Appointment of distributors for ASEAN, layout of the Marketing strategy for ASEAN

  • Q1 - Q2 2016

    Texere Advisors engagement in China market restructuring
    Appointment of new China distributor
    Termination of existing retail network

  • Q3 2016 - Present

    Appointment of Texere Advisors as temporary management of APAC Hong Kong office
    Geographic extension of Texere Advisors scope
    Opening of first retail stores in ASEAN and mainland China
    Roll out of marketing plan to support retail expansion

The brand's positioning is now in line with its customer audience thanks to a restructuring of its distribution network and revived marketing initiatives that enhance the brand experience and aura. The temporary management of the Asia Pacific office was added to Texere Advisors’ job scope.

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