Pdipigna Display Revamp at WHSmith Corner, Changi Airport

Jul 17, 2023

✈️ Exciting Visual Merchandising Revamp of Pdipigna in WHSmith Corner, Changi Airport! ✨

📍 Location: T1, T3, T4 Changi Airport, Singapore

🛍️ Store: WHSmith

📓 Focus: Regional Brand Visibility

Attention all travelers! Prepare to be captivated by a brand new visual experience at Pdipigna's corners at WHSmith at Changi Airport. With the airport almost fully resumed to its bustling capacity, our team has coordinated the revamp of the brand's display, aiming to entice and inspire travelers to purchase their beautifully crafted notebooks.

Our team's meticulous coordination has resulted in a visual masterpiece that seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. The new display is designed to reflect the brand's heritage as well as vibrant collections.

The strategic location of Pdipigna's corner within WHSmith at Changi Airport plays a pivotal role in ensuring maximum regional brand visibility. Travelers from all corners of the globe pass through Changi Airport, making it an ideal destination to showcase Pdipigna's artistic prowess and allure.

So, next time you find yourself strolling through the bustling corridors of Changi Airport, be sure to make a detour to Pdipigna's corner in WHSmith.

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