MF Fashion, 13 April 2016: Luxury furniture will rise 6.20% in 2020

Apr 13, 2016

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According to a Texere Advisors analysis, this sector will reach a turnaround of 5.4 milliard dollars. Asian consumers, in particular Chinese and Japanese, are even more interested in “Home” world, moving away from Fashion sector. This is what emerged from an analysis made by Andrea Bonardi, manager in Texere Advisors, who has also highlighted the race began in 2015 from Luxury furniture sector in Asia-Pacific area. Within 2020 this sector will increase of 6.2% in the Country, reaching 5.4 milliard dollars (about 4.7 milliard euros), a prevision driven above all by the change in customers tastes and in lifestyle habits. First of all, to inquire into the continuous increase in the middle class which is, nowadays, interested in brands and products with the best possible relation quality/price, but even in the increase in investments for a more private luxury. Next to that, what emerge is the interest in travelling abroad and in online. Thanks to dealer and to Asian distributors who acts in platforms development dedicated to “Home” sector, e-commerce in China reached a turnover of 73,5 milliard dollars (about 53,5 milliard euros), conquering the first place in the world ranking, followed by US with 61 milliard dollars and Japan with 11.7 billion dollars. The latter is still experiencing an acceleration in “Home” sector, which has risen of 5.6% in 2014, thanks to importations for 7 billion dollars in 2014.

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