La Stampa, 27 June 2016: Texere Advisors leads Italian SME into Asia

Jun 27, 2016

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A tailor-made kitchen or a full-bodied Tuscany wine? Many Asian consumers are beginning to discover these interesting Made in Italy products. Asian appreciate Italian lifestyle since they love the excitement offered by the Italian way of living. Hence Italian SME still have many opportunities to conquer the Asian market. However, the race to Asia is not always successful. In fact, any brand needs to know exactly how to operate in its target markets since mistakes can be fatal. Says Andrea Bonardi, Managing Partner of Texere Advisors, a company helping Italian SME in their process of expansion to Asia. The company, founded three years ago by the same team which led the Asia Pacific Office of La Perla rely on over 15 years’ experience in the Asian market. “To succeed in any expansion into Asia, first of all it is necessary to have a branch who operates locally” – Bonardi says. “Companies need to maintain a daily contact in order to understand the continuous changing environment in those countries”.

Texere Advisors, which assists SME with a turnover from 30 to 120 million euros, operates de facto as an extension of the Italian management, using an institutional e-mail for each brand, Texere is recognized as an extended branch for office of the companies it represents. Italian SME can avoid a lot of expansion costs thanks to Texere Advisors since it allows them to reach a market place that would probably be difficult to reach out to otherwise. In fact, opening a branch in China or in Japan would require a huge amount of money for companies (from 800.000 to 900.000 euros par year) and thus, without any visibility on the ROI. “We cut these costs since we are able to double the company turnover within one year” Bonardi says.

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