La Mia Finanza, 26 November 2018: Retail in Asia Conference

Nov 30, 2018

At the Texere Advisors inaugural Retail in Asia conference held in Milan on November 19th, La Mia Finanza interviewed Andrea Bonardi (Texere Advisors), Christina Fontana (Alibaba) and Roberto Moroso (Moroso) on the importance of such events for Italian entrepreneurs.

"We are now at the Swiss Centre in Milan to explore how Italian SMEs should tackle the Asian market and develop their retail distribution. We often talk about Asia taking for granted key aspects of doing business in the region - aspects that are actually critical to one’s success. These are both social and cultural, and are part of the daily challenge of every entrepreneur that wants to expand in Asia. So tonight we want to share with our audience, through the experiences of both Italian entrepreneurs and Asian retailers, what are the best strategies to succeed in the market, minimising the margin of error."
Andrea Bonardi

"Our experience in Asia initially portrayed everything as a simple task. A ‘Made in Italy’ brand seemed to be so easy to sell in the region. However, with time we understood that our structure and planning, as well as working with our Asian partner - understanding their needs and purchasing decisions - was the key difference between making sell-in and sell-out."
Roberto Moroso

La Mia Finanza

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