CPPLuxury, 17 October 2018: Grow in Asia – Retail Challenges of Today

Oct 17, 2018

Texere Advisors was founded with the purpose of sharing its professional retail experience with Western brands interested in expanding in the Far East, a market which still presents many challenges despite of today’s global interconnectivity.

As the matter of fact, the roadblocks to success in Asia are not so evident, as they are hidden in the smallest details, which are often neglected. From negotiation techniques, to cultural differences and managerial hunches, these skills can only be acquired through countless encounters with stakeholders from different professional backgrounds and numerous experiences in developing or restructuring business in Asia. However, this learning process is slow and requires a careful cultivation of professional and personal ties with partners in Asia, as well as the build-up of a sound reputation.

The understanding of the Asian retail landscape requires a thorough knowledge of cultural interactions. Retail in Asia encompasses a full customer experience from start to end. Starting from brand awareness, sophisticated and innovative marketing communications, an efficient supply chain and impeccable customer service. A continuous product update, an international and dynamic management and the ability to adapt to each socio-economic context are also crucial to remain relevant in a fast-changing retail environment.

The inaugural ‘Retail in Asia 2018’ conference aims to provide a small-scale representation of the “West meets East” interaction. Two distinct panel discussions will explore the approach European entrepreneurs should keep in view when negotiating with prospective Asian partners. Being one of the most dynamic and complex regions of the world, retailers ought to understand the offer on the table and then decide whether to take it or not.

Mariangela Pira, a TV journalist with remarkable professional experience in Asia, will moderate panellists from successful medium sized Italian brands which are still emerging in Asia, and prominent Asian retailers with a strong influence on market trends. The two worlds will therefore come together to discuss and debate on issues and solutions to tackle the existing gaps.

The conference which takes place on November 19th in Milan is organised together with partners – UBS, Bernardi Studio Legale, Politecnico di Milano and Aice, who will provide an operational and strategic framework to help better understand the experiences and issues brought forward by the panellists.

See original article: CPPLuxury, 3 October 2018

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