CorrierEconomica, 7 March 2016: Italian top labels are increasing their profitability

Mar 07, 2016

The article introduces Italian brands that had a winning strategy lately and others that had to deal with a slowdown.

Andrea Bonardi, who started to live abroad 15 years ago and who worked for big luxury companies, still lives half of his life in Singapore, after founding Texere Advisors, a company that helps other brands (“third parties”) in their retail expansion. Bonardi says that there are more than 1 million Chinese people that have started to buy/shop in Japan, which is now more convenient than the US. These are important changes that trigger companies to realign their presence, and, moreover, that have a crucial influence on prices.

There are lots of themes that are going on the luxury sector. Some companies have taken advantage of this period of change in order to accelerate their growth or to reorganize their structure and management, the others who were not ready for expansion were forced to look at their internal organization first.

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