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The team discusses their views and experiences in today’s retail world

Digitalizing beyond e-Commerce

The new capabilities of mobile technologies
by Jessica Zhang

Personalization & the Millennial Effect

How Millennials are Driving Personalisation in Luxury Retail

The Rise of Chinese Contemporary Design

Priscilla Lydia, Account Manager, outlines her experience at Design Shanghai

The boom of eCommerce: What does it mean for traditional retailers?

Jessica Zhang, Brand Manager, analyzes the impact that e-commerce has on traditional retail.
by Jessica Zhang

The design industry in Asia – in the footsteps of fashion

Andrea Bonardi, managing partner at Texere Advisors, analyzes the prospects for the design sector in Asia.
by Andrea Bonardi

Branding Light – Realising Import Lighting in Asia

Priscilla Lydia, Account Manager at Texere Advisors, analyzes the scenario of the lighting market in Asia.