Building and Sustaining the brand in Asia


The company had never developed a consistent and structured presence in Asia even though its products were relatively known in the design community. The management was also not aware of the Asian retail dynamics and expectations in terms of branding, lifestyle positioning, commercial strategy and after sales service.

With Texere Advisors


  • 2016Establishment of Singapore office by Texere

    • Mapping of potential partners.
    • Drafting of a standard contract for retail.

  • Q2 2016

    • Meeting with potential dealers.
    • Negotiation and appointment of new Shanghai and Singapore partners.
    • Reactivation of Philippine dealer.

  • Q3 and Q4 2016Brand building in Asia

    • Commencement of brand building through various marketing initiatives driven by Texere Advisors.
    • Highlights: First media editorials in Asia.
    Product placement at AD China booth during Salone in Shanghai.

  • Q4 2016Geographical expansion

    • Client expands Texere Advisors’ geography to include Hong Kong and Australia.

  • Q1 and Q2 2017Continuous brand and market development

    • Re-engagement of Australian and Hong Kong dealers.
    • Strong media launch in Asia.
    • Participation in Design Shanghai.
    • First educational trip for architects, media and partners from Asia.
    • Development of Japanese and Taiwanese markets.


Texere Advisors has continuously brought to its client an in-depth knowledge of different markets and its dynamics, supplying market intelligence and tools to better approach it, while designing an appropriate brand strategy. This has led to multiple benefits for the Brand: brand awareness, retail presence through branded spaces, a structured and systematic approach to the market through implementation of sales and marketing tools, turnover growth and viable long term growth path.