Boosting retail presence and brand awareness


Boosting retail presence and brand awareness.

The client had traditionally centralised at HQ level its management of the Asian market leaving little scope to the branch office in Hong Kong to develop its retail business presence in Asia-Pacific. While the development has been successful in Hong Kong, the company’s results in SEA and Japan, in terms of retail presence, branding as well as turnover, have not brought full satisfaction to the company HQ, that have decided to appoint Texere Advisors to speed up the retail expansion and brand visibility in South-East Asia and Japan, by shifting focus to new distribution channels and formulas with appointed distributors.

With Texere Advisors


  • primavera 2014L'approccio di Texere

    • Analisi del prodotto e dell’azienda.
    • Piano strategico di sviluppo retail.
    • Primi commenti da parte di retailers selezionati.

  • estate 2014Proposta

    • Presentazione di un piano di sviluppo triennale.
    • Supporto alla visibilità del marchio attraverso un piano strategico di marketing e PR.
    • Sostegno al management commerciale della sede centrale.
    • Approvazione del cliente.

  • autunno 2014Riorganizzazione della rete commerciale

    • Sviluppo commerciale con distributori specializzati e retailers.

  • primavera 2015Rilancio del marchio

    • Inizio delle attività di marketing e PR.
    • Assistenza all’ufficio commerciale della sede centrale e trasferimento del know-how sulle dinamiche retail e relative strategie di marketing.


Texere has brought to the client knowledge of the market and its dynamics, supplying market intelligence to better approach it, fixing meetings with the landlords of the relevant malls and department stores while designing an appropriate brand strategy. The overall objective was to provide “the brand” with the right market knowledge, contacts and tools to eventually take over the operations in the market and manage it directly.