Dominic James

United Kingdom

He is a well-established figure in the UK market having had his own distribution business in London for over 30 years. He has represented many premium and luxury brands in the fashion, fragrance, lingerie and swimwear fields. Core experience setting up wholesale sales and distribution structures, were the pre-cursor to planning and developing the La Perla business within the UK. An early adopter of retail, as the future format for faster and more profitable growth, he built the team to deliver a comprehensive luxury retail experience for his clients.
Managing the planning, building, staffing and promoting of the resultant business, which included flagship standalone, concession and outlet stores, over 20 years, as an independent distributor, proved an incalculable experience. A Diploma holder and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing his ethos today is providing professional service to clients, business to business and retail, alongside concepts developed or adopted to drive growth.